Back to Life

If you’re involuntarily humming to yourself, “back to reality” in response, I feel seen and I feel you.

This is a brand new site, as I discovered after several years of traveling the academic and professional pathways of music therapy which diverged from my initial journey as a classical singer, that the contents of my previous personal website had disappeared into the ethers of the internet. Since I’ve grown and changed quite a bit since the last update anyway, it seems only fitting that I should accept the challenge of starting fresh.

I’ve journeyed in to music therapy, into writing, into all manner of artistic expression and even modalities of singing that many would argue (and did) as being counter indicative to the sound and solid technique of classical singing. Still, my first vocational love for this particular life of my voice has always been alive inside every endeavor I’ve continued to pursue, and in which I’ve also managed to thrive. So two more degrees and three children later, I’m officially opening the doors to this room of my “house.”

Truly, my ultimate love for music and singing is in the healing human instinct of storytelling which connects us to one another. It represents our shared values, struggles, and evolution as a people. It manifests the individual joys and sorrows we carry in our walks of life through every time and space of existence– reminding us that we’re not alone because someone else has put it to truth in the poetry of sound that is music, with or without words. I’ve spent much of my recent years focused on connection to and among others. Now, it is in meditation through song that I rediscover the deep connection to self upon which I draw to find a beautiful resonance of truth and Love in every encounter.

Thank you for visiting, reading, and listening!